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Remote Filing Capabilities

ABD Group offers RLF (Remote Location Filing) - a CBP authorized program that allow us to prepare U.S. Customs clearance of your products in any U.S. Customs port directly from our main office in Laredo, Texas.

Secure Supply Chain

With top of the line technology, such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) and backup firewall, we comply with strict supply chain needs specific to your company. Our EDI-certified customs law consultants handle more than 1,000 entries per month, with service features and certifications that include:

• $300,000 USD-Bonded Carrier Bond
• U.S. Customs ACE Program QP In-Bonds
• Distribution Center (DC) With Customized Inventory System
• Expedited Services (24-Hours With All Documents In Order)
• Cross Dock and Warehousing Services
• International Door-To-Door Logistics
• Repacking and Labeling Services
• Mexican Customs Clearance At Multiple Ports
• Experts In IMMEX and Maquila Programs
• Local Deliveries With Inventory Controls


Mexico and U.S. Customs Brokerage

Our commitment to expedited service greatly reduces hold time and increases cost-savings to you. Our company is experienced in FDA and USDA regulations, as well as aspects of U.S. customs laws, including:

• U.S. Customs Clearance (Agente Aduanal Americano)
• ABI-Certification (Certificacion ABI)
• ACH Payments (Pagos ACH)
• Reconciliation Entries (Documentacion de Importacion Reconciliada)
• Advice on NAFTA, Customs, and HTSUS Issues (Asesor a Sobre NAFTA, HTSUS y Problemas de Aduana)

• Customs Bonds (Fianzas Aduaneras)
• RLF (Remote Location Filing) (Clasificacion Remota)
• Binding Rulings (Consultas Aduaneras)
• Automated Import Entries (Importaciones Automatizadas)
• In-bonds, G.O. Entries, and Warehouse Entries/Withdrawals (Servicio In-Bond, Tr Mites G.O. y Dep Sitos Fiscales)

U.S. and Mexico Freight Logistics

Our U.S. and Mexico freight logistics division supports our customs services as supply chain solution for our import and export clients. ABD Logistics is fully-equipped for distribution services (3PL), including:

• Elaboration Of Bills Of Lading
• Inventory Reports

• Transloading Services
• Warehousing

• Pick and Pack

• Cross Docking

Warehouse Team

Mexican Customs Laws Expertise and Cargo Tracking

ABD Group offers our expertise in Mexican Customs laws with experts with more than 30 years in the International trade business. We also provide web-based cargo tracking of your products with our freight logistics provider: www.cargo-tech.com

Warehouse and Shipping Facilities

ABD Logistics physical facilities include more than 50,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, 20 overhead doors, and a racking system for optimized space management. Our worldwide freight coordination, dry vans, and oversized load vessels support our intermodal transfer services, including:

• 50,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse
• Racks for 200 Pallets
• LTL (Less Than Truckload) Section
• 20 Doors for Loading and Unloading
• Distribution, Pick and Pack, Labeling, E-Scanning and Online Inventory Control

• 30 Extra Parking Spaces In Yard
• Forklifts for Material Handling
• Yard Tractors
• Insurance On Merchandise
• Camera Surveillance
• Rail Spur Services
• Hazardous Materials Section